beyond orange is more than a brilliant electronica album. we are a full-service music production and development organization. our music has appeared on all of the major TV networks, in shows, news productions, documentaries, and in advertising. we work with extremely talented musicians, writers, marketers, and technical people from the LA area.

below you will find samples of some of the work we've done.


  Instrumental Tracks

"DDT Plant"   listen
"Cochin"   listen
"Clean Sailing"   listen
"Mississippi"   listen
"Across The Country"   listen
"Day Six"   listen
"Mississippi"   listen
"Across The Country"   listen
"Beautiful Day In The South"   listen
"New Directions"   listen
"On The Road"   listen
"Happy Days"   listen
"Rollin' To It"   listen
"Chicago Legal"   listen
"Metric Yardage"   listen
"Velingrad"   listen

Tracks with Vocals

"Bittersweet Sky"   listen
"Find Your Magic"   listen
"I Want You"   listen
"It Really Was You"   listen
"Move On In"   listen
"Number One"   listen
"Read My Lips"   listen
"(All I Want Is) Time For Me V1"   listen
"(All I Want Is) Time for me V2"   listen
"Shiny Star"   listen
"Rattlesnake"   listen
Video Samples